“We asked the wild rabbits
in the flowing green woods,
and we asked the pearl-pregnant oysters
in the foaming cold-blooded sea,
and we asked the young eagles
in that lofty mountain of victory,
What should be done?
Forugh Farrokhzad, from “Inaugurating the Garden,” trans. Sholeh Wolpé

Hi! Thanks for stopping by. I’m Channing Kaiser. After leaving my east coast publishing job in 2017, I ventured westward in my beloved 2012 Ford Escape to hike mountains, read books by rivers, and see how much ramen my body could tolerate before self destructing. This blog is a collection of my experiences in the outdoors, as well as an evolving portrait of the people and organizations that support our parks and wilderness. Click here to see more of my travels on Instagram.


Chester, my car, looking majestic at Badlands National Park.